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My name is Jennifer and welcome to my  obsession with photography! Having the opportunity to use natural light, gorgeous settings and happy people is a recipe for beauty. 

Here are a few fun facts about me!
-I have three small boys all under the age of 11! (I know, it's crazy, trust me!)
-I was a Flight Attendant for a major airline for 13 years
-I was married in Hawaii which happens to be the happiest place on earth. If you haven't been, you need to go!
-I cry at every wedding I shoot especially when the mother of the groom has the first dance with her son. I have a serious soft spot for those mama's!
I love photography even more so since the birth of my boys! Time goes awfully fast and the one thing we can hold on to that captures that period, are photographs! They are the one thing we can physically pass down from generation to generation. I look forward to capturing a moment of your time!


Nice to meet you! 


I'm sure we all have that one series that we can't stop watching! Netflix has ruined our lives with the ability to binge on tv at any time of the day! Mad Men, The Crown or all 10 seasons of Friends, whatever floats your boat!


One thing I know to be true is that every girl should have a really great bestie! Not including your partner but a really close girlfriend! These girls become your pillars and i'm lucky to have a few!


Homesense...need I say more?  I can decorate and redecorate my home many times, it may be a problem!


Shoes are one of my many guilty pleasures and although I have tried to minimize my shoe purchases, there are those that speak to me in ways others do not! Your outfit is not complete without a beautiful pair of shoes! .  


I travel like it's my was my job! I absolutely love to travel and almost always bring my boys! Sand, sun and surf....there is nothing better!


Hello beautiful bride! Your wedding day will be one of the most special days of your life.
You will pour your heart and soul into planning this day right down to the tiniest detail. Wedding photography is so very important to be able to capture that day. My goal is to be able to capture the love and connection between a beautiful couple and showcase their day and their love story in the best possible way. At the end of the day, I want you to be able to pass down beautiful photos from generation to generation and have those images evoke the same emotion year after year! Wedding packages starting at $2,400


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Packages starting at $2,400.  Please fill out the contact information form for your personalized quote! 

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